5 Dec 2016

The pets have arrived!!

They have arrived!!!!
What a beautiful and nice surprise!! All the boxes have already reached their first destination. Have a look what they are doing:

1. BANYETES is in SZIVARVANY ÓVODA (Hungary). He has been doing Physical Education and playing football!! Also it has been on a birthday celebration, Great!!

2. MADZOLA is in ISTITUTO COMPRENSIVO DI ATRI (Italy). It is learning to cook and doing recipies!! Also it has helped preparing school's presentation.

3. ELIA is in SAKIAI NURSERY-KINDERGARTEN BERZELIS (Lithuania). It has been doing arts and crafts for Erasmus corner and for windows and giving information from Italy.

4. KAKE MAKE is in BIKERNIEKU PAMATSKOLA (Latvia). He has been in some rooms and spaces in the school, preparing Xmas decoration and festivals.

5. MARITE the Latvian ladybird is in 16th DIMOTIKO LARISSAS (Greece). It has shown some games and has been playing and drawing. Look it is on the Erasmus corner!!

6. PRIDE is in PAÏSOS CATALANS (Catalonia / Spain). He has been cooking and doing Arts & Crafts, and also it has gone to field

7. BALIOS is in EMSCOTE INFANT & ALL SAINTS SCHOOLS (United Kingdom). It has been helping the children in Xmas performance, became a reindeer, meeting Emscote chickens, wrapped warm!!


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