23 Dec 2016

Recipes from the Pet Boxes, nyam nyam!!!!

In all the Pet Boxes was included a recipes book from the own country. Some schools,with our pupils have tryed to prepare some of them.
It has been a great experience!!!! All have been really tasty!!!!
Enjoy the photos as we have done preparing them!!!7

1. The pupils from 16th Dimotiko Larissas have prepared the LATVIAN COTTAGE CHEESE PANCAKE

2. The 1st grade students from Escola Països Catalans have made the English recipe WHITE LADY PUDDING. We have fun with Pride!!

3. In the English School have shown Balios how to prepare MINCED PIE

4. And the little ones from the Sakiai Berzelis nursery-kindergarten have prepared something we tasted in Hungary: CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD BISCUITS


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