20 Dec 2017

New overseas recipes !!!

Some of our schools have tried new recipes from our PET BOXES.
Here you are some examples!!
Xmas biscuits,  sweets or chick peas in Uk, Catalonia and Latvia!!!

21 Nov 2017

Pets in 4th place

After the summer break our PETS have started to travel again and meet the rest of the schools that are involved in the project; so
1.- BALIOS is in Italy

2.- BANYETES is in Latvia

3.- KAKE MAKE in Catalonia

4.- PRIDE in Lithuania

5.- MADZOLA is in Greece

6.- ELIA is in UK

7.- MARITË  is in Hungary

22 Oct 2017

5th Transnational Project Meeting in Warwick (UK)

From 2nd to 6th October, a group of 12 teachers went to Warwick to visit EMSCOTE SCHOOL & ALL SAINTS JUNIOR SCHOOL.
In our planning were such a quantity of different activities. Here you are some examples...


2 Sep 2017

Interesting websites

From different countries and schools, we have found different interesting websites to have a look in order to improve healthy recipes, healthy habits, games,...

Veggie dictionary

Here it is a nice dictionary made by everybody!!!
Drawings, words and phonetics in English, Catalan, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, Latvian & Lithuanian.
Join us and try to learn the different words in different languages!!

9 Jul 2017

Happy summer

After this amazing and great first school year, we need...

PETs: come back home

All the pets have come back home after all school year travelling!!
They also need holidays and a big rest after being in three different countries, cities and schools!!
Our kids want to see what has happened to them and which have been their great adventures!!