7 May 2018

Sports Day!!!

For having a healthy lifestyle, as we have said before, the best way to do it, is through SPORT.
Each school has organised a SPORTS DAY.  Depending on the weather conditions, it could be outside or indoors; or also during Winter, spring or summer.
It's really nice to compare all the possible situations and the different sports played on each school.
Have a look and enjoy our healthy sports days!!!

- In Països Catalans School (Lleida - Catalonia/Spain)

- In 16th Dimotiko Larissas (Larissa- Greece)

- In Szivárvany Óvoda (Székésfehervár- Hungary)

-  In Istituto Comprensivo di Atri (Atri-Italy)

- In Bikernieku Pamatskola (Bikernieki - Latvia)

- In Sakiai "Berzelis" Nursery kindergarten (Sakiai - Lithuania)

- In Emscote Infant School (Warwick - UK)


Activities from the project with Pets

Individually, the project is carried out in each school with some other activities related with our guests PETS visits. They make all of us have fun with them and do lots of different things.
Here you are examples from:

- This is the RHYME that Istituto Comprensivo di Atri has prepared for Marite, the Latvian ladybird

- Sakiai "Berzelis" nursery kindergarten has prepared a bookmark with all the pets

- And Catalonia has prepared a book in Arts & Crafts with the pictures from the pets

New gardening

With the spring arrival, in most of the countries we can start again with our agricultural tasks in our vegetable gardens.
Look!!! they are in a nice moment....
These are examples from Greece, Hungary and Catalonia

20 Apr 2018

Traditional games

In order to promote a healthy living, one of the main points to get on with it's the movement, and there's no way better than moving through games.
Each school has shown the rest one example of traditional games from their own country. We love playing, we encourage you to play all of them!!!

Traditional Games Erasmus+ Project Hooked onto a healthy lifestyle!! from Escola Països Catalans on Vimeo.

If anyone doesn't recognise some of them, here you are also a booklet with the rules.
Don't hesitate to practise!! It is really funny!!

3 Apr 2018

6th Transnational Project Meeting in Larissa (GREECE)

From 5th to 9th a group of teachers went to 16th Dimotiko Larissas to meet again and the pupils from this school. The host school showed us its heritage, traditional recipes, places,...
And the rest enjoyed a lot doing different kind of activities with children and collegues.
Here you have some examples

Songs about healthy food

Here you have some videos of our children from different schools singing a song of healthy food in our mother tongue. All of them are great actors, singers and dancers!!! Enjoy the videos and the songs as we have done recording them!!!

1.- The children from Sakiai Berzelis Kindergarten sing about SOUP (Lithuania)
2.- 3 years old pupils from  Escola Països Catalans sing EL BALLET DEL ROTLLETÓ: APPLES (Catalonia)
3.- The little ones from Istituto Comprensivo di Atri sing LE STAGIONI DELL'ORTO (Italy)
4.- The oldest pupils from Bikernieku Pamatskola sing a rap about THE PORRIDGE (Latvia)
5.- The students from 16th Dimotiko Larissas are doing a performance about RED APPLE OF MINE (Greece)
6.- The smallest children of Szivarvany Óvoda Kindergarten sing a traditional song about GRAPES (Hungary)
7.- The primary pupils from All Saints School sing us THE GOSPEL HARVEST SONG (United Kingdom)

Also there is the booklet with all the lyrics in all mother tongues and its translation in English, just to help the rest as a guide.

Hooked onto a healthy lifestyle Recipe book

Finally, one of our final products!! It ia amazing know how to prepare different recipes from all over Europe, from Catalonia/ Spain, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania & United Kingdom. Here you have our common RECIPE BOOK with lots of different traditional and seasonal recipes, taking into account our heritage and local agriculture. Hope you enjoy it, looking, reading and practising some of them!!! Tell us if you like them and have been succesful!!