3 Apr 2018

Songs about healthy food

Here you have some videos of our children from different schools singing a song of healthy food in our mother tongue. All of them are great actors, singers and dancers!!! Enjoy the videos and the songs as we have done recording them!!!

1.- The children from Sakiai Berzelis Kindergarten sing about SOUP (Lithuania)
2.- 3 years old pupils from  Escola Països Catalans sing EL BALLET DEL ROTLLETÓ: APPLES (Catalonia)
3.- The little ones from Istituto Comprensivo di Atri sing LE STAGIONI DELL'ORTO (Italy)
4.- The oldest pupils from Bikernieku Pamatskola sing a rap about THE PORRIDGE (Latvia)
5.- The students from 16th Dimotiko Larissas are doing a performance about RED APPLE OF MINE (Greece)
6.- The smallest children of Szivarvany Óvoda Kindergarten sing a traditional song about GRAPES (Hungary)
7.- The primary pupils from All Saints School sing us THE GOSPEL HARVEST SONG (United Kingdom)

Also there is the booklet with all the lyrics in all mother tongues and its translation in English, just to help the rest as a guide.

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