9 Jun 2019

New life in vegetable garden 2019

Have a look on our vegetable garden!!!! right now it's gorgeous!!!

2019 sports day in Països Catalans School

In another school year we still work on this topic!!!We still keep fit with our Sports day, we enjoy a lot to practice different sports!!

1 Jul 2018

All PETs at home

Banyetes, Elia, Madzola, Kake Make, Marite, Balios and Pride have arrived safe and sound to each school. They have shown all pupils what and where they have been during these last two years. 
All of them have had amazing experinces explained on its diaries and all our kids were so excited to know all of them.
1. Banyetes

2. Elia

3. Madzola

4. Balios

5. Kake Make

6. Marite

7. Pride

All safe and sound at home
Now they have to wait until next travellings…

11 Jun 2018

Erasmus+ Results Platform

We have been included in the Erasmus+ results platform and all our final products are available from there.
We invite you to have a look!!!

Our pets have visited the last school...

Our pets, with its Pet Boxes, have stayed the last term meeting the pupils and staff from the school was missing for visiting.
Balios has been in Latvia, Banyetes has been in Engand, Elia has been in Hungary, Kake Make has been in Italy, Madzola has been in Catalonia/Spain,  Marite has been in Lithuania & Pride has been in Greece,
Here you have an example about the amazing activities thay have done in these schools

After this looooooong experience they are ready to come back home: look at them in the post office!!

7 Jun 2018

Our eco gardens

After 2 years trying to grow up differentseeds from different places, you can see what our Erasmus+ gardens look like. Some of us have had more success than others.
After the project, we are going to carry on with thesenatural experinces.
These are the examples from Hungary, Italy, Lithuania & Catalonia